Built-in entertainment

Rizon offers four different bots for you to use in your channel! These bots include Trivia, Quotes, LimitServ, and Internets. This bot is completely different from your BotServ bot with really cool features! To find out how to add these bots, type /msg FunServ help in your channel!

Trivia Bot

The trivia bot will ask random questions that are specified by your theme! The current themes are: anime, default, geography, history, LOTR-books, LOTR-movies, naruto, scienceandnature, simpsons, stargate (4/23/2011 subject to change). With over 80,000 questions to be answered, your channel will never get boring!

Quotes Bot

The quotes bot is just as you thought, a bot to remember quotes! It's really easy to do, if someone in your channel says something that you don't want to be forgotten, just type .quote add quote and your quotes bot will tell you what number it is. You can always then type .quote read number to have the quotes bot say the quote to the whole channel! There's also search features in case you forget what quote has what number, in your channel type .help quotes to learn more (assuming you have the quotes bot!).


Not really a 'fun' bot, but rather a bot that'll prevent your channel from ever being bot flooded! Every so often, LimitServ will set mode +l on your channel which is the limit mode. It'll set a limit of your current users plus 7 to ensure that not too many people enter at one time.


Last, but not least, is the Internets bot. This bot has lots of cool functionality, that can save you some time! It can search sites such as google, bash, qdb, urbandicitionary and FML. All by just typing a simple command like .google Who is the coolest person on Rizon?. The bot will search Google and display the first result.